10 Reasons Why You Should Watch Game of Thrones Season 8

Game of Thrones, the biggest show of the decade with so many hit and spectacular seasons is going so well in the current period with it’s 8th season. I am so sure concerning it’s grand fan-following that people can go to any level just for their favorite show. There is no need to explain why but still I would like to share the big big reasons for watch Game of Thrones season 8 as this time the creator themselves have promised to give back to back surprises with so much extra creative things this time.

10 Reasons Why You Should Watch Game of Thrones Season 8

1. Game of Thrones is so geeky, The whole theme of the show from the very first day of it’s first episode is only and only about the geek stuff showing the various kings and knights wearing their shiny swords and queen’s crowns. All among them the show also have dragons and ghosts and evils.

2. Fantastic writing of the story : I must must appreciate the great writing without which the show would not be at such heights which it has achieved since it’s last seasons.

3. A full fledged budget system is there: This would seem so shocking or surprising to the viewers of Game of Thrones after hearing what that a single season of GOT costs near about 60 million dollars or more for only ten episodes.

4. So much pain behind selecting appropriate star-cast: There seems nothing much botheration but in fact there is a lot of screen test.

5. The show never fails to impress more and more of it’s fans day by day.

6. A sure-short place of real and pure entertainment including drama and adventure too.

7. The fancy set which does look so real when it’s focuses over its characters more than the fancy sets.

8. The story of the Game of Thrones is full convincing.

9. The big budget show, for sure.

10. Dramatic actions sequence won’t let your eyes get off for a single second

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